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Fire danger season 2021 / 2022 is here

Bushfire season 2020 2021 thumb

South Australia's fire danger season for 2020 / 2021 is here. Bushfires pose a significant threat to lives, property and electrical infrastructure. It's everyone's responsibility to be prepared.

Bushfire preparation 

Each year we make a big investment in our preparation for bushfire season and to reduce the potential for bushfires starting, including:  

  • clearing trees and vegetation away from power assets (you can monitor our progress from our Vegetation Management Portal
  • patrolling and inspecting powerlines in high bushfire risk areas from the air and the ground (learn more about powerline inspections by helicopter
  • replacing and upgrading equipment to meet the summer peak power demand  
  • operating the network more conservatively when the risk of a bushfire is high  
  • training our employees how to operate equipment and work safely on high bushfire risk days.

SA Power Networks staff work in fire zone.

Safety first - prepare now for bushfire season 

Your power may go out as bushfires can interfere with our poles, wires and other equipment. Be Prepared! 

If you are in an area where a bushfire is happening, or if your power supply is fed by powerlines that run through areas which are susceptible to bushfires, your power may go out and it may take a long time for your power to be restored. This is due to the amount of damage fire may cause to the electricity network and the amount of time it might take for it to be safe enough for our crews to enter an area where a fire passed through. 

Your bushfire management plan should include what you would do if the power went out. For example, if you have an electronic garage door, you will need to know how to operate it manually. 

Getting accurate information is important. ABC local radio and the CFS website offer important updates throughout emergency bushfire situations. We recommend the following at a minimum: 

  • Keep a battery-operated radio handy.
  • Keep mobile devices fully charged.

You can also get updates from our social media pages Facebook and Twitter and our website. Sign up now for SMS alerts and keep up to date with any outages via our outages map. 

Quick links to stay updated

👉🏼 View outage map,
👉🏼 Sign up for SMS alerts:
👉🏼 Report outages:

Additional resources 

Read more of our Bushfire safety information. 
The CFS website offers many resources including how to make a 5-minute bushfire plan.

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