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Changes to Medium and Large Embedded Generation connections from 4 April 2022

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Important changes are coming to the process of applying for, and installing Medium and Large Embedded Generation (MEG and LEG).

What will change from Monday 4 April 2022?

From 4 April 2022, SA Power Networks is improving the connections experience by streamlining the connection process and making it easier to manage applications. Specifically, we are:

  • changing the application form for Medium and Large Embedded Generation to a new portal called SmartApply.
  • introducing a mandatory close-out step for installers through SmartInstall for MEG and LEG.
  • raising MEG limit from 200kVA to 500kVA.

Why the change?

Introducing the new applications and close-out process will help us reach our goals of doubling the amount of solar on the network by 2025, while improving customer experience in connecting embedded generation. 

SmartApply and SmartInstall will also help ensure compliance with the SA Government’s regulation for Smarter Homes Program, and the requirements of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), through improved data quality to meet reporting obligations, and help plan and operate the network. These changes also allow us to develop future capabilities such as flexible connections, which will enable greater access to the network, and further growth of the solar industry. 

What’s different?

Current New
Cannot save application and return to edit later Can save an in-progress application and edit it later until ready to submit
Separate webforms for Small, Medium and Large Embedded Generation (SEG, MEG and LEG) All embedded generation applications through SmartApply
No ability to track status of applications SmartApply dashboard allows you to track status and self-manage your applications
No close-out portal for installation Applications need to be closed out with SmartInstall
Receive an EG number upon approval EG number given at beginning of application
Installer details required at beginning of application Application can be shared with installer closer to close-out
LEG application limit starts at 200kVA LEG application limit starts at 500kVA
No registration required to use the form Registration required to access the portal
Only the applicant can view/edit the application Ability to share applications for SEG, MEG and LEG


What does this mean for me?

The existing MEG and LEG application forms will be unavailable from 5pm Wednesday 30 March 2022. All applications from April 4 will be submitted through SmartApply and will need to be closed out using SmartInstall. No changes need to be made to existing applications.

Solar retailers, customers and solar installers can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Faster, easier, and simpler applications for SEG, MEG and LEG.
  • Ability to monitor the status of your application through the new dashboard.
  • Sharing and user management functionality.
  • Improved equipment selection.
  • Simple and easy mandatory close-out via mobile devices can be done on site.
  • Faster and cheaper process for 200-500kVA applications.

You can access SmartApply and SmartInstall from our website. The first time you access SmartApply or SmartInstall, you will be prompted to register for the portal.

What you can do now

Get a preview of how to use SmartApply to lodge and manage applications, and SmartInstall to close out the solar system after installation through a recent webinar provided to the industry.

If you haven’t used SmartApplyregister to create a SmartApply account. Read our quick guide for how to register for SmartApply if you’re not sure how to.

If you are an installer and haven’t used SmartInstall, send an email to New Energy Services to let us know you will need access to SmartInstall. Please include the following in the email: 

  • Your full name
  • Your preferred email address
  • Your PGE number or CEC accreditation number

Prior to 4 April 2022, familiarise yourself with the new Embedded Generation Portal. Access our 'How to Guides’ on SmartApply and SmartInstall. 

Got questions?

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