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Flexible Exports offering now available in Cities of Mitcham and Onkaparinga

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New and upgrading customers in the Cities of Mitcham and Onkaparinga are eligible for our Flexible Exports option that will maximise export opportunities from their solar.

To help support more solar, SA Power Networks is continuing to expand its Flexible Exports for solar option. Since its introduction in July, this innovative option has seen overwhelming support, with over 85% of eligible customers opting in.  

The offering is now available in all suburbs in the Cities of Mitcham and Onkaparinga. By mid-2024, Flexible Exports will become available across the State. Existing solar customers will remain on their current export arrangements until they upgrade or make significant changes to their installation.  

Recap of what you need to know

  • You can quickly check customer eligibility for Flexible Exports by using the Eligibility Checker. Within eligible suburbs, customers can choose between: 
    • a fixed export limit of 1.5kW/phase or
    • a flexible export limit between 1.5kW to 10kW per phase. 
  • Make sure to comply with the SA Government Dynamic Export Requirements for all exporting installations. 
  • For Flexible Exports sites, you need to: 
    • Install an inverter and import/export monitoring device as per the inverter manufacturer's installation guides.  
    • Ensure all exporting solar inverters are under site-wide export control. 
    • Close out in SmartInstall
    • Successfully complete the registration and capability test while following the inverter manufacturer's guidelines. Failure to pass the capability test will result in the application being non-compliant, with customer exports limited to 1.5kW per phase until capability testing is completed. 
  • Check out Installer Information for Flexible Exports including FAQs.  
  • Watch an online training recording, including how to set up your manufacturers’ equipment for Flexible Exports, which includes eight major brands. 
  • Download the Flexible Exports Capability Test Checklist and keep it handy when you prepare and install your next Flexible Exports system. 

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